ComputerSupport Offers Compliance Solution, a provider of cloud computing and digital security solutions, has expanded its compliance support and remote information technology capabilities for use by financial advisers and broker/dealers.

The firm says the third generation of its ITAnyWhere Cloud platform can provide advisers and broker/dealers with remote and dependable access to critical computing infrastructure and client account data. All of a firm’s data, emails and business applications can be accessed through the ITAnyWhere solution.

Users can access the platform through a variety of mobile and desktop devices. The ITAnyWhere Cloud has a variable per-user monthly cost and a low initial investment, the firm says. By leveraging the cloud-based solution, advisers and broker/dealers can eliminate the need to buy expensive new hardware and software. A self-service portal allows financial professionals to instantly add or remove users and applications to meet changing business needs.

The cloud computing service provides a range of capabilities that can help financial professionals meet strict regulatory requirements, including:

  • Key client documents are stored and accessible in the ITAnyWhere Cloud for as long as needed. All documents and records are easily accessible for their lifetime, the firm says.
  • Reports, advertisements, operating documents and manuals can be segregated and organized.
  • Customers using the ITAnyWhere Cloud with compliance features benefit from permanent file retention—even if a file is deleted from the user system, it can be retrieved upon request. This feature also extends to previous versions of documents, which are copied as changes are made to leave an audit trail.
  • Access to data for regulators can be provided upon customer request. Third-party access is logged and controlled by a specific username and password.
  • All files and data are stored within Amazon Web Services Elastic Block Store service (EBS). EBS Encryption, the firm says, is significantly more resilient then standard disk drives.
  • Only users with delete access can delete a file. All access to files and folders is controlled administratively, and can be limited to none/view/read-only/read-write/read-write-modify access by individual user or group. also released a white paper covering important data security and compliance concepts for broker/dealers and financial advisers, available here.