Chartwell Emerging Markets Offering Excludes China, Vietnam

Chartwell Partners has launched an emerging markets investment product that excludes China and Vietnam.

The company, which describes itself as an exchange-traded funds (ETF) and emerging markets specialist with offices in Boulder and Colorado Springs, Colorado, said in a news release that the Chartwell Emerging Markets Free Ex China portfolio includes 15 countries from the MSCI Emerging Market index.

As proxies for each market, country-specific ETFs  are used with all countries equally weighted. The countries are: India, Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Israel, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, and Columbia, Chartwell said.

“This portfolio is for advisers and investors who want to capture emerging market growth but are uncomfortable with China’s political system or China risk,” said Chartwell president Carl Delfeld, in the announcement. “The emerging market story is bigger than any one country.”

Delfeld said the basket of 15 emerging market country ETFs in the Chartwell Emerging Markets Free Ex China is, over the past year, up 105% versus 87.6% for the MSCI Emerging Market index. Over the past three years it is up 33.4% versus 20.2% for the MSCI index.

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