Census Report Could Clue Advisers in to Opportunities

A report released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Wednesday provides information on new businesses and payroll that may aid advisers in finding new clients.
The report, County Business Patterns: 2005, provides data by county on the number of establishments, number of employees, and quarterly and annual payroll for the nation’s 7.5 million businesses with employees, according to a Census Bureau news release.
According to the census data, of the 50 counties with the most business locations in 2005, those showing significant growth in the number of businesses with paid employees were Riverside County, California (5.9%); Orange County, Florida (5.9%); Clark County, Nevada (5.6%); Maricopa County, Arizona (5.1%); and Palm Beach County, Florida (4%).
Among the counties with the most employees, New York County (Manhattan), New York, had the highest average annual payroll per employee at $85,469, according to the news release. Santa Clara, California, was second at $72,888, followed by San Francisco ($66,366); Fairfield, Connecticut, ($64,238); and Suffolk, Massachusetts, ($64,067).
Data from the report can be provided at the state, county, metropolitan statistical area and five-digit ZIP code levels. The metropolitan and ZIP code data will be released later this year.
The report excludes information on self-employed people, employees of private households, railroad employees, agricultural production workers and most government employees, the news release said.