Brinker Capital to Launch Absolute Return Portfolio within SMA

Brinker Capital has announced plans to launch an absolute return portfolio embedded in a separately managed account (SMA) format.

The Brinker Capital Crystal Strategy is designed to help financial advisers preserve client capital in down markets while capturing appreciation in up markets. It will be available to Brinker Capital’s advisers in September.  

According to the announcement, the Brinker Capital Crystal Strategy will take a three-tiered approach to investing: allocating broadly among different asset classes, investing in multiple diverse strategies, and using highly-focused stock selection. Using tactical and strategic processes, Brinker Capital will broadly allocate The Brinker Capital Crystal Strategy across six major asset classes, including domestic and foreign equity, fixed income, absolute return, real assets, private equity, and cash.   

Within these asset classes, Brinker Capital will employ a diversity of investment vehicles, including individual stocks, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, open-end funds, and Master Limited Partnerships, among others.   

By focusing only on a limited number of stocks that represent its best ideas, Brinker Capital said it believes clients will receive higher return potential with little incremental portfolio risk.  

The Brinker Capital Crystal Strategy will perform much like other absolute return strategies, but will have lower fees compared to many vehicles and daily liquidity, the announcement said. Clients will have daily transparency into their account holdings. The investment minimum will be $100,000.  

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