BrightScope Partners with Arkovi

BrightScope formed a strategic partnership with Arkovi.

BrightScope, a provider of financial information and investment research, will work with Arkovi, a financial services social media solution for archiving, compliance and market intelligence. The partnership will help investment professionals use social media safely and successfully and to provide a way to store, monitor and analyze the content created.

The company cites the following benefits of the partnership:

  •  Real-time analytics – Rather than “archive and forget” (until there is a problem), advisers can tap into the hidden power of their social media and website activity in real time.
  •  Access – “Always on” archiving provides instant access to users for all stored content 24/7.
  •  Analyze – “Lessons learned” can be applied to generate a more effective communications effort.
  •  Easy activation – Arkovi can be activated from BrightScope Advisor Pages.

In early 2011, BrightScope launched BrightScope Advisor Pages to help individual investors discover, research and select a financial adviser (see “BrightScope Rolls Out Adviser Database”).

BrightScope also recently launched a Q&A forum, where consumers can ask finance-related questions and get answers from real financial advisers.