BNY Mellon Unveils Reporting Solutions

A suite of online report templates was released to address the regulatory and custom needs of BNY Mellon’s Asset Servicing client base.

Accessible by more than 50,000 users through the company’s Workbench Web platform, Report Solutions offers clients an online library of report templates to assist in the preparation of regulatory filings and other reporting purposes. Users can browse the library and view sample outputs, and copy, tailor and share templates as needed.    

Working closely with global clients and industry experts, BNY Mellon developed specific Report Solutions across a wide range of topics, such as fair value hierarchy analyses, CAFR, pricing vendor analyses, custom maturity schedules and general ledger reporting. Users can further customize reports by summarizing, regrouping, charting, inserting data, drilling into and exporting results into various formats.   

“Report Solutions is a powerful tool to help pension funds, plan sponsors and fund managers handle a host of regulatory and custom reporting needs,” said Steve Boor, BNY Mellon managing director of Global Information Delivery Products. “The combination of content and advanced online tools greatly reduces the time and effort clients have to spend on these activities. Report Solutions is uniquely positioned to help users now and as regulations continue to evolve.”