BNY Mellon Launches Dreyfus Global Real Return Fund

The Dreyfus Corporation, a subsidiary of BNY Mellon Asset Management, has announced the launch of Dreyfus Global Real Return Fund, Inc.

The fund is a world allocation fund with an emphasis on global absolute return managed by Newton Capital Management Limited, a BNY Mellon Asset Management boutique, which specializes in global and regional equities and bonds, as well as multi-asset and absolute return funds.   

According to an announcement, the Dreyfus Global Real Return Fund seeks total return, consisting of capital appreciation and income.  It uses an actively managed multi-asset strategy to produce absolute or real returns with less volatility than major equity markets over a complete market cycle, typically a period of five years. The fund is not managed to a benchmark index; it seeks to provide returns that are largely independent of market moves.   

The fund allocates its investments among global equities, bonds and cash, and, generally to a lesser extent, other asset classes, including real estate, commodities, currencies, and alternative or non-traditional asset classes and strategies by investing in securities and through derivative instruments.

James Harries, the fund’s primary portfolio manager, is director of Investment, Global Funds, at Newton.