Aspire Financial Launches TPA Playbook

Aspire Financial Services released the TPA Playbook for Success, a proprietary education and communication tool designed to drive competitive advantage for the firm’s third-party administrator (TPA) partners.

The firm says it has added the TPA Playbook to its suite of proprietary, value-driven tools offered to members of its TPA Partnership Program, which focuses on helping TPAs grow business and improve service delivery through specialized digital resources and planning support.

The TPA Playbook is delivered as a password-protected digital publication for easy access and engagement across computers and smart devices (e.g., phones and tablets). TPA Partnership Program members will receive regular installments of the Playbook that deliver perspectives on important trends and issues impacting TPA firms. Playbook updates will also feature insights on new leverage-selling models and partnership strategies, Aspire says, helping TPAs stay informed about the competition.

This information will be viewable via the digital edition and also can be downloaded for offline reference. An automatic email notification alert will be sent when new installments of the TPA Playbook are ready for review.

According to Aspire’s President and CEO, Pete Kirtland, the TPA Playbook should also help TPA service providers leverage new channels and optimize open-architecture plan designs and strategic relationships to generate more business.

More information on the new TPA Playbook and Aspire’s TPA Partnership Program is available at