Asia Funds See $7B in Mutual Fund Flows in July

Excluding money market programs, local funds in Asia pulled in $7.7 billion in cash flows in July.

Bond and real estate products collected $6.2 billion and $3.2 billion, respectively, while stock and mixed funds together experienced $1.5 billion in net redemptions.

According to Strategic Insight, an Asset International company, Japan funds pulled in a total $6.3 billion, with real estate funds leading the way at $3.2 billion, followed by bond high yield funds ($2.6 billion) and bond Asia Pacific funds ($ 2.2 billion). Bond global funds lost a net $1.4 billion.  

China experienced net inflows of $3.8 billion in July. Equity Asia Pacific funds posted a $3.3 billion net inflow, and guaranteed/protected funds pulled in $2.5 billion. Excluding money market funds (which lost a net $4.3 billion in assets), the highest outflow was from mixed flexible funds at $755 million.  

In Hong Kong, funds pulled in a net $1.3 billion. The highest inflows were posted by equity Asia Pacific funds ($515 million).   

Japan’s Shinko US-REIT Open Fund, advised by Invesco Advisers, remained the top-selling fund in the region, attracting another $1 billion in July, and over $7 billion altogether so far this year.