Arnerich Massena Expands Fiduciary Education

Investment advisory firm Arnerich Massena has expanded its fiduciary education program to include retirement plans.

The program, Blueprints, was previously available only to fiduciaries or investment committee members of endowments and foundations (see “Arnerich Massena Offers Fiduciary Education”). The expansion now allows new investment committee members of employer-sponsored retirement plans to take advantage of this program for their own custom fiduciary needs.

The formal curriculum of the program is available to all clients of Arnerich Massena and is designed to provide new committee members with the fundamental knowledge needed to act as prudent fiduciaries for their respective retirement plans.

Materials for the program include information about fiduciary responsibilities, retirement plan governance and plan investment menu construction, as well as benchmarking and performance evaluation.

“Being an investment committee member for a retirement plan brings with it a great deal of responsibility and accompanying liability. Gaining an understanding of the responsibilities and the background knowledge required to execute those responsibilities is often challenging and time consuming,” says Scott Dunbar, senior managing director of the Portland, Oregon-based Arnerich Massena.

Dunbar believes that committee education, like the Blueprints program, has the potential to improve committee discussions, decisions and long-term outcomes for retirement plan participants.

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