Archimedes Introduces College Savings Smartphone App

Archimedes Systems introduced the College Savings Planner application to help financial institutions engage with smartphone users.

Customized for corporate clients, the smartphone app helps families determine the monthly savings needed to meet future college costs.   

According to Archimedes, the application helps users to:  

  • Investigate a wide range of current and future costs for thousands of colleges and universities; 
  • Establish where they are now and where they are going with planned college savings; 
  • Examine how various saving and investment strategies will offset college costs; 
  • Develop a realistic, achievable action plan for meeting college funding goals; and 
  • Get tips & take next-steps through convenient calls-to-action. 

“We’re delighted to provide financial services companies with a tailored solution that allows their clients to connect with them so easily,” said Mary Nickeson, Archimedes’ Director of College Planning Solutions. “The app strengthens client relationships, enhances a financial institution’s mobile offerings and can be customized for both the retail and advisor markets.”      

To see and download the College Savings Planner app on iTunes, go to