April Fund Flows Total $126B

Investors pumped $126 billion into equity/mixed, bond, and other long-term mutual funds in April on a net basis.

This marked the third month of $100+ billion inflows in 2010, according to data from Strategic Insight (SI), an Asset International company.

According to the SI data, the total long-term fund flows for the month included $59 billion into U.S. funds, $35 billion in International/Offshore funds, $12 billion for Europe local funds, and $18 billion in Asia funds.

Fixed income products still dominated long-term flows with $78 billion for the month, including $29 billion into U.S. funds, $23 billion into International/Offshore, $4 billion into Europe local, and $23 billion into Asia funds.

In addition to the April fixed income fund flows, equity funds saw a net $28 billion inflow, mixed funds got $11 billion, and other funds got $9 billion, according to SI.

Long-term funds in the U.S. enjoyed a net $31 billion inflow, SI said.

This represented the highest monthly volume since October 2007, as signs of economic improvement in the U.S. whetted investors’ risk appetites. However, recent concerns over European sovereign debt could put downside pressure on equity fund flows globally as well as bond fund flows in Europe in the coming months, according to SI.