American Century Adds R6 Share Class to Funds

American Century Investments has added a new retirement plan share class to many of its most popular mutual funds, as well as 10 new target-date funds.

A total of 41 fund strategies now have the R6 share class, the lowest total expense ratio of any share class offered by the firm.

“We want to offer our clients multiple pricing options as they determine the best way to pay for investment management and recordkeeping services associated with employer-sponsored retirement plans,” said Peter Cieszko, chief client officer, Americas. “It’s part of our overall goal to provide advisers and plan sponsors with more flexibility and tools to facilitate better plan design and execution.”

The R6 class shares are generally available only through employer-sponsored retirement plans where a financial intermediary provides retirement recordkeeping services to plan participants. The new R6 shares have been added to many American Century funds, as well as the new target-date funds.

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