Almost 1 in 5 Americans Plan to Save More

The recession has been a wakeup call for some Americans, as 18% of those surveyed plan to save and invest more in the future, according to a new COUNTRY Financial survey.

The majority (61%) of those surveyed were adversely affected by the recession, and as a result many Americans plan to be more careful with money going forward. In addition to saving and investing more, 15% said they will develop and stick to a financial plan; one in four said they would like to be less reliant on credit and debt; and 21% plan to keep a lid on spending on non-essentials, according to the survey.

To make ends meet, more than one-fourth (28%) of respondents said they had to find additional sources of income. In almost one-third (30%) of those cases, the primary wage earner took a second job. While slightly less than half (48%) reported that the way their family was able to cope with the effects of the economic downturn was “excellent” or “good,” more than half (52%) of that group said it will take at least two years for their financial situation to recover.

The November COUNTRY Recession Anniversary survey was based on a national telephone survey of more than 3,000 Americans and compiled by independent research firm Rasmussen Reports, LLC.