ADP to Provide Mesirow Fiduciary Service to Clients

ADP will make Mesirow Financial’s Fiduciary Partnership service available to its Retirement Services clients, to help them better manager fiduciary liability and mitigate risk.  

“Investment decisions hold retirement plan sponsors to extraordinary accountability,” said John Guido, Division Vice President of ADP Retirement Services. “Partnering with the right investment adviser—especially one that helps manage fiduciary liability while offering independent, objective investment expertise and the highest standards of due diligence—is a critical step for plan sponsors and other plan fiduciaries in protecting both  their participants and themselves.”

The service will be made available to all plan sponsors using the ADP Access 401(k) product.

As part of ADP’s suite of plan support services that it makes available to its clients, Mesirow Financial will provide plan sponsors with fiduciary solutions, including:

  • Mesirow Financial Plan Sponsor Agreement: Reliance on decisions backed by the resources to protect the plan sponsor from third-party lawsuits
  • Mesirow Financial Elite List:  Access to lineups based on a broad, menu-driven list of investment options across many asset classes for which Mesirow Financial takes fiduciary responsibility  
  • Suggested Investment Option Lineups: Optional plan-demographic-based lineups built by Mesirow Financial
  • Mesirow Financial POLICE Report: Quarterly, six-category reporting watch list that keeps sponsors and advisers informed about key issues concerning the investment options in their lineup