AARP Revamps Retirement Calculator

AARP has revamped its retirement calculator “to enhance usability, but maintain accuracy in its results.”

New features of the AARP Retirement Calculator include the ability to develop a retirement plan for a dual-income home, calculate and include individual Social Security benefit estimates as a part of retirement income, tabs, explanation of where an individual is currently at in their retirement planning, and the ability to experiment with various retirement scenarios to create a plan that is right for each individual.

According to a press release, upon completion of the calculator, individuals will be provided links to a number of AARP resources to learn more about Social Security, financial planning, and health care in retirement.   

The new AARP Retirement Calculator does not promote any product or service.  

“We feel our new calculator strikes the right balance between giving users the information they want while making it engaging and easy to use,” said Jean Setzfand, Director of Financial Security at AARP, in the announcement. “It streamlines the process through the use of pre-populated answers, but allows for customization and adjustment of the assumptions if ‘power users’ choose to.”  

To try out the new AARP Retirement Calculator, visit