7Twelve Advisors Introduces Balanced Fund

7Twelve Advisors, LLC launched the 7Twelve Balanced Fund.

The fund seeks to provide superior risk-adjusted returns when compared to the bond and equity markets within a balanced fund structure.  

The firm’s name, 7Twelve, refers to a diversified investment strategy of seven asset classes: U.S. stocks, non-U.S. stocks, U.S. bonds, non-U.S. bonds, real estate, commodities and cash, and further sub-divided into twelve equally weighted index-based funds.  

The fund’s assets are equally weighted, so performance does not rely on forecasting or timing. The managers believe that index-based funds and passive management are more reliable investment methods than typical actively managed funds, according to the announcement. Assets are rebalanced on a periodic basis.  

For more information about the 7Twelve Balanced Fund, visit http://www.7TwelveBalancedFund.com.