401(k) Site to Link Advisers, Sponsors

ReviewMy401kPlan.com is set to launch soon as an online resource for plan sponsors to find and connect with qualified retirement plan advisers.

The website will also deliver relevant and timely information on 401(k) retirement plans.

Before its launch, the company is reaching out to retirement plan advisers across the U.S. who are interested in being listed in the website’s directory of advisers or advertising on the website, and for possible future plan sponsor referrals. The company is particularly interested in advisers who have earned retirement plan professional designations and those with a substantial focus on retirement plans.

The new 401(k) regulations issued by the Department of Labor this year have created additional burdens on plan sponsors, and many of them are unprepared to tackle the associated compliance and education requirements, according to Rick Cantu, founder of ReviewMy401kPlan.com. Cantu is a former adviser with experience in 401(k) plans.

Cantu said he decided to create the site to help plan sponsors find and access 401(k) plan information, as well as connect with retirement plan advisers who can assist with plan reviews, fiduciary matters and participant education.

Advisers interested in learning more about the company, its website and its upcoming programs for listing, advertising and lead referral may visit http://www.ReviewMy401kPlan.com.