XShares Launches Nine More HealthShares ETFs

XShares Advisors LLC has added nine HealthShares exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to its lineup, bringing the number of these publicly traded funds to 14.
Each HealthShares ETF represents a specific areas of the healthcare, life science and biotechnology industries, and each tracks a collection of large, mid and small-cap stocks that addresses a distinct sub-segment of healthcare, such as the diagnosis and treatment of specific therapeutic areas (e.g. cardiology, cancer, infectious disease, etc.) and the development of medical devices (e.g. orthopedic repair, cardio device, etc.).

Each HealthShares ETF is comprised of 22-25 stocks, except the HealthShares Composite, which has 80 stocks and tracks an index that is based on a proprietary intellectual model with well defined quantitative parameters developed by XShares Group LLC, the parent of XShares Advisors LLC.

The nine ETFs that began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Monday are:
  • HealthShares Autoimmune-Inflammation ETF (ticker: HHA)
  • HealthShares Cancer ETF (HHK)
  • HealthShares Cardiology ETF (HRD)
  • HealthShares GI/Gender Health ETF (HHU)
  • HealthShares Metabolic-Endocrine Disorders ETF (HHM)
  • HealthShares Neuroscience ETF (HHN)
  • HealthShares Ophthalmology ETF (HHZ)
  • HealthShares Respiratory/Pulmonary ETF (HHR)
  • HealthShares Composite ETF (HHQ)
For more information, visit the company’s website at: www.healthsharesinc.com.