Course Helps Advisers Understand Female Focus

A new series of workshops is targeted at helping advisers understand the difference between the investment styles of women and men.

Delia Passi and Kaplan Financial are offering a series of workshops for financial and insurance advisers to help them better understand the women’s market. Passi is author of Winning the Toughest Customer: The Essential Guide to Selling to Women and former Vice President of the Working Woman Network and Group Publisher of Working Woman and Working Mother magazines and Kaplan Financial is a source of education and compliance solutions for insurance and financial services institutions and individuals.

“Women are increasing their share of the investment market, but financial and insurance professionals selling to them must appreciate what they expect, including more personal time and attention,’ said Passi, in a press release, which also said that 43% of Americans with investment assets of $500,000 or more are women. “Female clients want their information face-to-face, in a one-on-one meeting or in simple account statements.’

The program, already available, will be delivered through three consecutive classroom workshops held over three to six months. The workshops will each have a companion online course and a special audio review CD that reinforces the key points covered and will focus on the key differences in selling financial products to women.

The workshops include:

  • Details Matter – You and your environment are equally important in her decision to do business with you.
  • Speak So She Listens, Listen So She Speaks – Communications skills to gather information and build a trusting relationship with her are essential.
  • Keep the Relationship Alive – If you win her trust, she will refer you to her friends, family and colleagues.

More information on the workshops can be found by calling 1.800.934.0600.