Wilshire Expands Data Collection Platform

Private equity, private real estate and real asset investment managers are now able to submit qualitative and quantitative performance information through Wilshire’s Compass Portal.

Wilshire Associates Inc. launched Wilshire Compass Portal last year as an online platform for traditional asset managers to submit electronic due diligence questionnaires. The portal is accessed daily by Wilshire Consulting, the firm’s investment outsourcing and consulting practice, as well as Wilshire’s manager research group.

According to Charles Stunkard, managing director at Wilshire Associates, these enhancements enable private equity, private real estate and real asset investment management firms to provide updates on their product offerings, performance and other relevant developments on a regular basis. Previously, questionnaires would have been sent to investment managers only periodically.

“The unique investment processes of private equity, private real estate and real assets necessitated adding questionnaires developed specifically for each of these fund types,” said Julia Bonafede, president of Wilshire Consulting. “While Wilshire has always researched alternative asset investment strategies on behalf of its institutional clients, this is an additional step to broaden our coverage.”