Wilshire Consulting Releases Wilshire Mobile

Wilshire Consulting announced the launch of Wilshire Mobile, a new suite of mobile applications (apps) increasing the availability of important retirement plan data and benefits news for clients.

The mobile tool has four main features:

  • Asset and Liability Monitor – This app gives clients who sponsor corporate defined benefit plans the ability to monitor the funded-status of their plans on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis. It provides asset, liability, and funded ratio information over specified time periods and frequencies, including charting capabilities showing the movement in these statistics and interest rate fluctuations over time.
  • Investment Research – Via this app, clients are provided with access to Wilshire’s white papers and monthly and quarterly capital market perspectives, as well as a history of these reports and papers.
  • Manager News – Weekly Wilshire Manager News Alerts containing timely updates on investment managers are available through this app, along with a search engine giving clients the ability to input the name of a firm or manager and view a responsive list of all relevant News Alerts previously issued.
  • Performance and Risk Reports – With this app clients can access Quarterly Performance Books and Executive Summaries, as well as monthly Flash reports. Clients are given access to a brief history of these reports, and monthly and quarterly risk reports.

“We are always looking for ways to further enhance the value of our service to our clients and determined it was important to develop proprietary apps that would provide them with the continuous access to valuable information from any location with an internet connection,” says Julia Bonafede, president, Wilshire Consulting. “Wilshire Consulting clients may start accessing Wilshire Mobile immediately. Based on beta testing with several clients, we expect quick adoption of its use.”