Westrock and Creighton Join Forces in Asset Management

Westrock Asset Management announced the formation of a joint venture with Creighton Capital Management to offer a set of quantitative products to institutions and other qualified investors.

According to the announcement, the joint venture will offer the following portfolios: US Quantitative Equity Long, Global Quantitative Equity Long (ex-US), and Global Quantitative Equity Market-Neutral. The joint venture will also offer yield-enhanced portfolios to high-net-worth and other qualified investors including investment grade and high-yield term bond funds.

Jim Creighton, founder of Creighton Capital Management, will be the portfolio manager of the joint venture.

The announcement said Westrock Group Inc., a New York based broker/dealer and wealth management firm, is the first financial services firm to be 100%-owned by an American Indian Tribe (see “Westrock to Offer Advisory Services to Native American Tribes”). With minority-owned status and the Creighton joint venture, Westrock said it will be eligible for federal and state government pension plan and endowment allocations to minority-owned firms.