Web Site Assists Advisers with IRA Programs

Convergent Retirement Plan Solutions has developed a subscription-based IRA portal for financial professionals, called IRAstuff.com.   

Convergent says IRAstuff.com has a unique approach in the way it discusses complex compliance issues.

“Most of the IRA resources available to financial professionals throughout the industry are decidedly dry,” said Convergent founder and CEO, Ben Norquist.“We wanted to create a cost-effective on-line resource that simplified people’s lives by providing them with ready access to the resources they need, on a day-to-day basis, to serve the needs of their IRA clients,” Norquist added.“But we also felt it was time to lighten things up—just a bit.”

IRAstuff.com has IRA industry news, self-paced IRA education courses, a comprehensive reference manual, numerous job aids and source documents, and “a smattering of light-hearted diversions.” It is available as a turnkey, off-the-shelf subscription or as a branded, fully-customized resource portal than can incorporate a financial organization’s proprietary IRA product information, marketing collateral, IRA policies and procedures.

For more information, visit www.convergentrps.com.