Transamerica Launches Asset Allocation Service for Participants

 Transamerica Retirement Services launched an asset allocation service designed to make saving for retirement easier for participants in company-sponsored retirement plans.

PortfolioXpress uses the plan’s core investment lineup to build a series of model portfolios along a glide path that is based on the participant’s retirement date. The glide path shifts from a more aggressive investment approach to a more conservative approach as the participant nears retirement, and is automatically rebalanced over time. Plan sponsors can choose a glide path that goes to the expected retirement date or a glide path that continues through retirement.  

“Transamerica is committed to making saving for retirement easier,” said Stig Nybo, president of Transamerica Retirement Services. “PortfolioXpress makes it easier for plan participants to save by automatically allocating the participant’s savings in the plan’s investments based on the participant’s chosen retirement date. The automatic rebalancing feature can help savers who don’t actively monitor their investments today. This new service is another way that Transamerica is helping advisrrs and their clients to improve plan participants’ readiness for retirement.”  

PortfolioXpress will be available to financial advisers and new retirement plan sponsors, who can choose investments from more than 40 advisory firms to construct the plan’s core investment menu, which is used to populate the model portfolios along the chosen glide path. The plan’s core investment lineup can be changed at any time.   

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