The Newport Group Unveils Advisor Glidepath

The Newport Group released a managed account service for advisers.

Advisor Glidepath invests participant accounts into the adviser’s model portfolios according to the glidepath they define, which sets rules based on participants’ current ages and the time remaining before they reach their target retirement ages.

Portfolio adjustments are made automatically over time, transitioning to more conservative portfolios as the participant moves toward and beyond retirement. Once the adviser has set up their custom glidepath, it may be used in any of their other plans as well. The Advisor Glidepath service also offers advisers the option of adding a risk tolerance component to link each individual glidepath to the plan participant’s personal tolerance for market risk.

“For the adviser, this service provides a tool to help grow assets under management by making it more attractive for a participant to decide to enroll in the plan and take advantage of professional asset allocation over their working lifetime,” said Dennis Sain, Newport senior vice president of retirement services. “Additionally, it provides advisers with a competitive advantage to be able to provide a unique industry-leading service.”