The Board Institute Unveils Fiduciary Evaluation Tool


The Board Institute Inc. introduced an evaluation and education tool in collaboration with fi360, CEFEX and Cambridge Fiduciary Services LLC.



The Fiduciary Board Index allows boards of directors to assess the strengths of investment policies and highlight areas for improvement. The product complements the existing suite of Board Institute tools.

The Index is an online tool to help boards evaluate performance and understand the board’s duty in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities for managing employee retirement plan investments.

The Index helps companies follow best practices in the face of increasing media and shareholder focus on investment losses. It is completed anonymously by board members and, at their discretion, those who work with the investment committee. It is built on a software engine and provides scores, variances, ranges of responses, best practices and individual comments to improve their investment fiduciary processes. The secure questionnaire takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Results are immediate, validated by survey experts and available online or in print.  

More information is available here.