TD Ameritrade Enhances iRebal Rebalancing Software

Enhancements to TD Ameritrade Institutional’s rebalancing software allow advisers to submit trades from iRebal directly to Veo, saving time and reducing risk.


The accuracy and efficiency of the portfolio rebalancing process have been improved, according to the firm. Advisers looking to take immediate action on portfolio rebalancing, cash management or tactical trading decisions in client portfolios can enter orders directly from iRebal to Veo, TD Ameritrade Institutional’s adviser trading platform. Processing trades within the rebalancing tool saves time and helps minimizes risk of errors that occur when translating trade data between multiple disconnected platforms.

The inefficiencies associated with the rebalancing process, including the need to export trade files and move back and forth between different technologies and platforms, have been eliminated, according toJustin Di Filippo, senior product manager, iRebal at TD Ameritrade Institutional. “This time-consuming process can now be executed with a click of a button thanks to an integration using Veo Open Access capabilities,” Di Filippo said.

iRebal leverages TD Ameritrade Institutional’s open API (application programming interface) allowing the rebalancing technology to process trade orders straight through to a custodial platform. The new feature permits advisers to administer buy-and-sell orders in real time within a client portfolio. Additional trading capabilities, including “time in force” and “limit price” parameters, may also be set so advisers can capture trading flexibilities that previously would have been managed separately on their custodial platform.

In addition to straight-through trading, iRebal users will experience simplified navigation. An enhanced dashboard arrangement with ribbon menus gives advisers one-click access to their most commonly used tasks and workflows when rebalancing client portfolios. Tabbed screens can be pulled from the main dashboard to take advantage of an adviser’s dual-monitor setups in their office.

Also new to iRebal is a customizable client portfolio report. Advisers can create graphics to show a client’s portfolio allocation and provide a breakdown of positions held in the account, including cash. Advisers can also add company logos, disclaimers, notes and contact information to brand each report.