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Court Dismisses Company Stock Suit against Harley-Davidson

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Harley-Davidson and some of its executives of breaching fiduciary duties by continuing to offer company stock as an investment option in the company's retirement plans.

Hidden Agenda?

Small-plan 401(k) lawsuit targets three providers over allegations of excessive fees and inadequate disclosure

Court Dismisses Stock-Drop Case against Humana

A district court has dismissed claims by retirement plan participants that Humana officials violated their fiduciary duties by holding plan assets in company stock after mistakes made in pricing Medicare Prescription Drug Plans led to decreased company earnings.

Failed Bank Slammed with Eight Stock-Drop Actions

Colonial Bank, a now-defunct Alabama bank company, has been hit with eight stock-drop suits over losses suffered by its pension plan when the bank was seized by regulators, according to an Associated Press report.

IMHO: Domino Theories

If you want to get a quick sense of just how fast time flies, consider that it was only a year ago this week that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

Bank Hit with Stock-Drop Charges

Montgomery, Alabama-based Colonial Bank, closed by authorities in August, has been hit with a stock-drop lawsuit by a retirement plan participant.