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House Democrats Introduce Pro-ESG Investing Bills

The lawmakers say their proposals to require more disclosure of environmental, social and governance information build on the proven principle that sustainable investing and profitable investing are not mutually exclusive.

Has the DOL Found an ESG Middle Ground?

George Michael Gerstein, an ERISA attorney with Stradley Ronon, dissects the DOL’s final rule regarding ESG investing in retirement plans, calling it a compromise that might be here to stay.

DOL’s Final ESG Rule Appears Slightly Softer Than Proposal

The final version of the regulation emphasizes the importance of using only ‘pecuniary’ factors in the assessment of investment options within tax-qualified retirement plans, rather than expressly limiting the use of environmental, social and governance themed investments.

New ESG Regulation Expected Soon from DOL

Despite the frequent publication of regulatory guidance—or perhaps because of it—there remains a lot of confusion about how retirement plan fiduciaries should think about environmental and social justice issues while building investment lineups.

Art by Jackson Epstein

Investment Product and Service Launches

Northern Trust offers ESG analytics solution; Innovator announces May series of Defined Outcome ETFs; Capital Group launches fund invested in sectors of the credit spectrum; and more.