ShareBuilder 401k Offers Discounts Ahead of Safe Harbor Deadline

Prior to October 1, employers can get $100 or $200 off new plan set-up costs.

ShareBuilder 401k, a provider of low-cost, index fund-based 401(k) plans, is offering a discount to businesses that set up a new 401(k) plan ahead of the October 1 government deadline for safe harbor plan designs.

The newly independent firm notes that safe harbor 401(k)s feature a variety of benefits and savings for business owners looking to maximize tax-deferred contributions and minimize future tax burdens, while automatically satisfying IRS plan testing requirements. A safe harbor plan requires an initial plan year that is at least three full months, making October 1 the effective deadline for creating a new plan.

For plans that set up a new 401(k) from today to September 3, ShareBuilder 401k is offering $200 off set-up costs. For new set-ups between September 4 and September 17, it is offering $100 off.

“Most small business owners don’t realize any size business can have a 401(k) plan, or what a safe harbor plan is, much less how it can benefit a business and its employees,” says Stuart Robertson, CEO of ShareBuilder 401k. “At ShareBuilder 401k, that’s our priority—offering accessible and easy-to-digest content and guidance on important topics like safe harbor plans, so business owners can make informed choices about planning and investing for retirement.”

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