Sentinel Changes Portfolio Management Teams

Sentinel Investments has changed the portfolio management teams for four mutual funds.

Following Elizabeth Bramwell’s retirement, Senior Vice President Betsy Pecor, as well as vice presidents Carole Hersam and Matthew Spitznagle, will take over management of the Sustainable Growth Opportunities Fund (Class A: WAEGX, Class I: CEGIX).

The fund will be renamed the Sustainable Mid Cap Opportunities Fund. The team, led by Pecor, has worked together for more than six years and collectively has more than 46 years of industry experience. The new management team will maintain the fund’s focus on sustainable investing, which includes environmental, social and corporate governance screening as core aspects.

Jason Doiron, senior vice president, will be added as a portfolio manager to Sentinel’s Balanced (Class A: SEBLX, Class C: SBACX, Class I: SIBLX), Government Securities (Class A: SEGSX, Class C: SCGGX, Class I: SIBWX), and Short Maturity Government Funds (Class A: SSIGX). Doiron is an 11-year industry veteran and risk specialist, overseeing fixed income and derivatives management for Sentinel.

As part of the team overseeing the Balanced Fund, Doiron will continue working closely with Dan Manion, senior vice president, who will become the lead portfolio manager for the fund. Manion is head of the firm’s equity research efforts and manages four of the firm’s funds.

These changes will go into effect March 29, 2012.