The Segal Group Acquires Benz Communications

Jennifer Benz, senior vice president, who was CEO of Benz Communications, said her firm has been experimenting with new things that The Segal Group’s current clients will have access to.

The Segal Group has acquired Benz Communications, a human resources (HR) and employee benefits communications consulting firm.

The combined group is named Segal Benz ( and will be led by Jennifer Benz, senior vice president, who was CEO of Benz Communications. The acquisition significantly expands The Segal Group’s communication consulting practice.

“We’re really excited about joining Segal, to be able expand our team and expand the type of organizations that we work with,” Benz told PLANADVISER. She said Segal is a firm that very much shares Benz Communications’ values in terms of how to run a business and take care of their own employees, as well as how to do the right thing for clients so they can take the best care of their people. “Once we started talking to people, we thought there were so many synergies and shared values that would let us take things to the next level in terms of being able to support the organizations that we work with,” she said.

According to Benz, as her firm looked to the future, the question was, “How can we grow our impact even more and do more of the work our team loves and we think is so vital to the industry?” Partnering with Segal was the answer.

“And for Segal, they see communications as a huge part of the business across all of the practice areas—not just benefits but also other areas of HR where organizations are really having to do a lot—to compete very differently, to think about talent very differently and position them for success in the future. So they saw an investment in growing the communications group as a key part of serving their very broad group of clients now and in the future,” she added.

Asked what will improve as a result of the acquisition, Benz said it expands areas of service for both firms. For example, she said one thing Segal does very well that Benz Communications did not do is provide personalized communications. “They have a great group that does personalized statements for all areas of HR and benefits, and they also have great experts in other practices that we’ll be able to lean on, and have already started to.”

Benz added that her firm has been experimenting with new things, including interactive tools and different digital media, a chat box and augmented reality. The Segal Group’s current clients will have access to those things and be “able to always stay a couple of steps ahead.”

Benz is based in San Francisco. The Segal Benz leadership team will include New York-based Randolph B. Carter, senior vice president, who was the leader of Segal’s national communications practice, and San Francisco-based Isabelle Englund-Geiger, senior vice president, who co-led Benz Communications.