Securian Offers 401(k) Participants an Annual Checkup

Participants enrolled in Securian Retirement 401(k) plans can track their savings progress on their plan statements.

In addition to showing the retirement savings gap (if there is one), the Securian Annual 401(k) Checkup also calculates the gap in monthly retirement income: It compares the estimated monthly income needed after retirement with the estimated monthly income generated by current savings at a hypothetical rate of return.

In addition, the Annual Checkup offers tips for building retirement plan savings (including postponing retirement) and directs employees to a calculator where they can further refine their retirement savings goals.

The Securian Annual 401(k) Checkup is a value-added feature available on all full-service Securian Retirement plans at no additional cost, according to the firm.

Securian Retirement, a unit of Securian Financial Group, Inc., serves more than 3,200 retirement plans.