Russell Expands Investment Discipline Indexes

Russell Investments will expand its Investment Discipline Indexes (IDIs) to include U.S. small cap indexes.   

Specifically, four new Investment Discipline Indexes will be added to Russell’s lineup, each reflecting a particular approach to small cap security selection commonly practiced by professional money managers.They include the Russell U.S. Small Cap Aggressive Growth Index, Russell U.S. Small Cap Consistent Growth Index, Russell U.S. Small Cap Low P/E Index, and Russell U.S. Small Cap Contrarian Index.    

“We are very excited to expand our line of investment discipline indexes into the small cap arena, where we believe our clients can particularly benefit from high quality tools.  These indexes draw from Russell’s strength in researching professional money managers and our pioneering history in indexing, particularly in small cap stocks,” said Rolf Agather, Managing Director of index research and innovation at Russell Investments.  “Over time, Russell analysts have identified common characteristics and preferences among investors seeking attractive investment opportunities across capitalizations.  Our new small cap investment discipline indexes provide additional tools for small-cap investors to gain exposure to these strategies.”

A full list of available indexes is available here.