Retirement Trend Researchers Establish Company

Based on their Hearts & Wallets research initiative, Chris Brown and Laura Varas have started a company, Hearts & Wallets, LLC.

Brown of Sway Research in Newton, N.H., and Varas of Mast Hill Consulting in Hingham, Mass., have been working together since 2004 when Varas joined the retirement research practice at Financial Research Corporation – a unit Brown founded in 2003, according to a press release.  Their collaborations have included profiling the retirement income market and analyzing investment-only defined contribution trends.   

“Hearts & Wallets research identifies the need to tailor solutions by consumer life-stage, as well as behavioral and attitudinal segments,” Brown said in the release. “Investor trust is also a huge issue. Investors want to know what they are paying for to trust a firm. In 2011, we will look specifically at advice and the value proposition.”

In 2011, Hearts & Wallets will continue its multi-sponsor “Explore” focus group series to identify emerging investor behaviors, attitudes and unmet needs.