Redtail CRM Integrates Finance Logix Widgets

Redtail Technology and Finance Logix have partnered to integrate new analytical tools to support individualized client financial planning within the Redtail CRM system.

The Finance Logix tools, which the firm refers to as widgets, are a series of visual-oriented analytical tools that integrate results from a client’s financial plan directly into the user interface of client relationship management (CRM) packages, such as Redtail CRM. The firms suggest that, by having this integrated planning information available in the course of their normal client service workflows, financial advisers and their support teams will be able to more readily deliver actionable advice and enhance their service offerings for clients.

“Industry research continues to show that advisers who have integrated their technology are growing faster and are more productive than those who haven’t,” says Oleg Tishkevich, CEO of Finance Logix. “As a result, we have made it a priority to develop advanced integrations of CRM and financial planning technology to further the adviser’s goals of efficiency and growth.”

Oleg says the Finance Logix widgets integration into Redtail CRM is notable for a number of reasons. For example, the integrated solution now enables advisers to adjust projected retirement expenses on-the-fly in Redtail and immediately see the effect on a client’s unique financial plan. Redtail CRM can also now provide visually-oriented reports to advisers describing the consequences of withdrawals and other actions on their clients’ overall financial goals.

The integrated solution contains widgets that are both static and live, so advisers and their staff can view existing analyses or conduct a “what if” scenario for clients directly from Redtail CRM, without opening Finance Logix.

“Advisers today are using CRM as the hub of their practice,” says Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Redtail. “This integration with Finance Logix’s widgets takes Redtail to the next level by providing live, interactive analysis directly inside the software they spend the most time in.”

Redtail recently announced a partnership with Morningstar to integrate proprietary investment research and portfolio analytics within new client relationship management (CRM) software tools for advisers.

More about the integration and Financial Logix’s lineup of software tools is at