Pulse Logic Unveils Plan Adviser Tool for Services and Fees


Pulse Logic introduced a benchmarking tool to help plan advisers assess the services they provide and what fees are appropriate.



The Pulse Logic Plan Advisor Services and Fees Guide was developed with input from an advisory panel of advisers and surveys of more than 490 specialist plan advisers. The tool provides guidance based on plan size and service requirements to guide plan advisers in determining the services they provide and the fees to charge plan sponsor clients, taking into consideration an adviser’s expertise and services.

“Before we began to collect the data behind this tool, we talked with numerous plan advisers,” said Ken Cochrane, Pulse Logic’s  managing director. “What we heard was that the tools available were not meeting the needs of advisers. The ranges of fees were too wide, and the data on services lacked clarity. Thatʼs why we started with an advisory panel to make sure we built as meaningful a tool as possible.”

The tool was built using data gathered from online surveys and interviews of broker/dealers (wirehouse, regional and independent) and advisers. Pulse Logic says it will update the tool quarterly.

More information is available at www.pulse-logic.com.