Provider Offers Custom Asset Allocation Portfolios

McCready and Keene announced it offers custom risk-based and age-based portfolios within the same retirement plan, utilizing an asset allocation strategy composed of a plan's core fund lineup.

According to a news release from the company, the offering is complemented by providing participants access to a risk-based questionnaire, which will guide them to their proper portfolio based on a scoring system.

As an open-architecture provider, the firm said it is able to meet the demands of advisers and financial service professionals regardless of their compensation arrangements (fee-for-service, flat fee, wrap fee, commission-based, etcetera). In addition, as an independent full-service recordkeeping provider, the firm does not offer investments, allowing advisers to design and offer custom portfolios to their clients without proprietary requirements, the company said.

McCready and Keene suggested that risk-based portfolios provide participants with an asset allocation model that remains in effect until the participant elects to make a change if their risk tolerance has changed; while age-based portfolios can be set up by the adviser and plan sponsor as the plan’s default investment and will automatically move participants to their proper asset allocation based on age.



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