PIMCO Fund Seeks to Benefit from Shifts in Global Economy

PIMCO has launched the PIMCO Global Advantage Strategy Bond Fund, "designed to help fixed-income investors seize opportunities created by dramatic shifts in the global economy."

According to a press release, the fund may invest in a broad range of fixed-income instruments and includes as one of its benchmarks the recently launched PIMCO Global Advantage Bond Index (GLADI) (see “PIMCO Says Index Positions Investors for Global Economic Shifts’). The fund is co-managed by PIMCO Co-Chief Investment Officer Mohamed El-Erian and Executive Vice President Ramin Toloui.

PIMCO says the Global Advantage Strategy Bond Fund “is motivated by the recognition that a range of evolving dynamics – including those between governments and markets, between developed and developing countries, and between domestic and foreign investors – will critically influence investment outcomes in coming years.” The firm’s global macro and sector positioning are enhanced by bottom-up credit and security analysis undertaken by specialist teams around the globe, the announcement said.

The ticker symbol for the PIMCO Global Advantage Strategy Bond Fund (Institutional class) is PSAIX.