CA Firm Launches 12 CIF Offerings

401kDIRECT Network has introduced nine individual ETF collective investment funds (CIF) and three (Conservative, Balanced,&Growth) ETF CIF Strategy Portfolios that will be available to qualified plans.

T. Rowe Price Expands Adviser Web Site

T. Rowe Price unveiled an expanded financial intermediary Web site that provides streamlined access to institutional investment content and educational resources designed for client use.

Vanguard Unwraps Bond ETFs

Four bond exchange traded funds (ETF) from The Vanguard Group featuring expense ratios of 0.11% began trading Tuesday on the American Stock Exchange.

Individual Retirement Advice Tool Launched

Still River Retirement Planning Software Inc. has released a retirement planning tool for individuals who are approaching retirement or already retired that provides advice based on a wide range of financial and non-financial information