BoA Unveils Six Exec Appointments

Bank of America (BoA) announced Tuesday that it had tapped six executives for posts in the leadership team for its new Global Wealth&Investment Management (GWIM) Alternative Investments group.

New Company Protects against Broker Misconduct and Scams

Former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Enforcement Branch Chief and consumer advocate Pat Huddleston has launched Investor's Watchdog, a company that provides investors with intelligence and expertise to protect them from broker misconduct, excessive risk, and professionally-disguised investment scams.

DoL Receives Letters Urging Caution in Fee Disclosure

Correspondents offering input to the U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) about revisions to 401(k) fee disclosures said that educating plan sponsors and participants about fees was important but suggested that any revisions needed to be carefully pondered.