Data & Research

Americans’ Lack of Social Security Knowledge Shows

Tina Ambrozy, president of sales and distribution at Nationwide, warns of a major disconnect between what consumers think their Social Security benefit will be—and what this amount will cover—compared to reality.

Retirees Less Confident in Ability to Handle Health Expenses

Retirees are less likely than last year to feel confident in their ability to handle basic expenses and feel less confident in their ability to handle medical expenses, according the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s (EBRI) 28th annual Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS).

DC Plan Participants Looking for Guaranteed Income in Retirement

Eight in 10 DC plan participants are very or somewhat interested in an in-plan investment option that would guarantee monthly income for life in retirement, and the same number express interest in taking money out of their plan at retirement and moving it to a financial product that would guarantee them monthly income for life.

Why Are Retirees Spending Down So Slowly?

EBRI questions whether retirees are just determined to preserve their assets or whether they need more education about spending assets in retirement—both have implications for retirement plan advisers and sponsors.

Employees Voice Some Optimism About Automation Trends

A new analysis published by MetLife examines employers’ and employees’ attitudes towards automation and its role in the workplace—including how changes in technology could impact compensation and the basic definition of what it means to work.