Data & Research

Fed Report Suggests More Investing and Financial Education Needed

Three-fifths of non-retirees with self-directed retirement savings accounts have little or no comfort managing their investments, and only one-fifth of adults answered five financial literacy questions correctly, according to the Federal Reserve.

Multiemployer Pension Funding a Big Challenge for PBGC, Wider Economy

Multiemployer pension plan insolvencies will obviously be harmful to the participants and beneficiaries of the plans in question, but the loss of the significant economic momentum provided by retirees spending their pension plan assets could also harm the wider economy. 

Assets, Not Age, Will Determine Retirement Date for Many

Defining retirement goals by a particular age can be risky, according to LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute research, as it doesn’t account for the actual savings and assets available to support the person in retirement.

Risk-Averse Investors Working Against Their Retirement Risk Fears

For advisers, 78% of respondents to a survey who use advisers indicate their advisers discuss risk tolerance, although only 50% say they discuss guaranteed lifetime income with their advisers, and only 18% have worked with their advisers to estimate retirement health care costs.