Data & Research

Political Differences

Democrats are frequently characterized as “tax and spend″ by those on the other side of the political spectrum.

Switch From DB to DC Lowered Retiree Replacement Income

New research from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College (CRR) suggests the change in the retirement landscape from predominately defined benefit plans to mostly defined contribution plan coverage has decreased both household pension wealth and retiree income replacement rates.

Much More?

How much money does it take to be considered rich?

Firms Keeping Non-qualified Plans

A majority of employers have no intention of terminating their non-qualified executive retirement plans due to final Internal Revenue Code rules governing these arrangements, according to a survey released by Buck Consultants.

Financial Advisers Concerned About Market Conditions

When asked what issues would have the most significant impact on businesses in 2008, advisers are most concerned about market performance/volatility (58%), retiring Boomers (54%), and the real estate bubble and credit crunch (tied at 49%).

Brokers Aren't Boosting Returns, Study Says

Investors in loaded mutual funds underperform their own funds' reported returns by three times as much as no-load fund investors even though the load investors are paying for brokers to help them, according to a new study.

Advisers Help Parents Save for College Costs

Families with college-bound children who work with a financial adviser are on their way to being able to pay 47% of their college costs – significantly better than the parents of college-age children in general who will going to be able to pay an estimated 24%, a new Fidelity Investments study has found.