10 Ways TPAs Can Help You Grow Your Business

If you haven’t already reached out to third-party administrators (TPAs) to help you grow your retirement plan business, you may be missing out. TPAs bring a lot to the table—including expertise, relationships and resources.

Tracking Time

Do you track your time?  Like good economists, we can argue this question from both sides of our mouths.  Where do you stand?

Perspective: The Secret to a Happy Retirement

Bobby Layne, the Hall of Fame quarterback for the Detroit Lions, once described the perfect plan for generating an income in retirement: “The secret to a happy life,” Layne mused, “is to run out of cash and air at the same time.”

Perspective: Better than “Good Enough”

I read with interest about Putnam Investments’ recent success with its online Lifetime Income Analysis Tool—a tool that projects how much income a participant’s savings may generate in retirement, that highlights savings gaps and, according to the report, motivated participants to raise their savings rates.

Perspective: 10 Key Features of Deferred Compensation

With many Baby Boomer executives approaching retirement and wanting to save significantly more than permitted through qualified retirement plans, deferred compensation programs are increasingly important components of contemporary executive benefit program offerings.