MetLife Releases Retirement, Encore Careers Guide

The MetLife Mature Market Institute released a workbook with a DVD containing assessment tools, information, and resources to help those contemplating whether to retire and how to move on to encore careers.

The workbook is also useful for those adapting to the economic downturn, but is designed for individuals contemplating the next phases of their lives with information on how to find purpose and direction, according to a MetLife press release. The workbook is available free to the public.

MetLife said the workbook includes worksheets and a series of questions relating to lifestyle, environment, health status, finances, relationships, and community.

Specifically, the workbook and DVD provide exercises that focus on:

  • Trigger Events & Life Lessons—How will major life changes, such as a loss, divorce, job change, or move, help you move forward?
  • The Good Life Inventory—What key characteristics are you employing to help you achieve the best life has to offer?
  • The Repacking Place—What makes a place “the” place for you?
  • How Much Is Enough—What will you need, financially, for the future?
  • The Repacking Sounding Board—Who are the trusted individuals in your life who will offer the right kind of counsel and support?

The workbook and DVD are based on methods developed by author, life coach, and executive educator Richard Leider, author of Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Rest of Your Life.

Single copies of the workbook, “Discovering What Matters: Your Guide to the Good Life” and the study, “Discovering What Matters: Balancing Money, Medicine and Meaning,” can be downloaded from The workbook/ DVD can also be ordered by e-mailing