Mesirow Fiduciary Services Available on RPG Platform

Mesirow Financial and RPG Consultants announced an alliance for 3(38) fiduciary services.

Investment fiduciary services for Mesirow, a Chicago-based retirement solutions firm, are now available on the open architecture platform of the New York- based RPG Consultants. The services offered include recordkeeping, as well as plan consulting, actuarial and administration services.

Using Mesirow’s 401(k) plan methodology and implementation technology, the alliance offers plan sponsors a solution to managing fiduciary risk and enhancing the value they offer to participants in their 401(k) and profit-sharing plans.

Integrating fiduciary management services with RPG’s platform allows for extensive retirement portfolio customization. With an array of portfolio options that include professionally managed investment models, plan advisers will be able to offer participants a simple tool for allocating their retirement assets. In addition, this new solution provides a high level of transparency to plan sponsors and participants.

“This is another step in our continuous effort to expand the audience for our flexible and cost-efficient fiduciary solutions,” said Michael Annin, senior managing director and head of the Mesirow Investment Strategies team. “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with RPG Consultants to offer our solution to their plan sponsor and adviser clients.”

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