MassMutual Lets Call Center Reps, Participants Co-Browse

The firm wants to make it easier for participants to interact with their retirement plan websites.

MassMutual is introducing website co-browsing for call center representatives and participants.

The goal is to allow call center employees—with the permission of participants—to view what the participant is seeing when answering questions about information on retirement plan websites. Security options also allow web users to block sensitive information during the co-browsing session.

Co-browsing will enable call center reps to resolve issues more quickly, typically on the first call, MassMutual says. Specifically, it will enable reps to guide participants through navigating websites, downloading and filling out forms, answering questions, reviewing account data, adding or changing beneficiaries, executing transactions and understanding complex products and services.

“Co-browsing enables MassMutual service and call center staffers to see what our clients are seeing on their computer screens, answer questions and help guide them through their online experience,” says Eric Wietsma, senior vice president, retirement services sales and worksite education at MassMutual.

The firm surveyed participants about their satisfaction with co-browsing and found that 78% liked the experience, compared to 74% who spoke to a rep on the phone only, 69% via online chat, 54% by email and 47% through self-service on the web.