MassMutual Enhances Target-Date, Target-Risk Offerings

MassMutual's Retirement Services Division has enhanced its investment offerings in its target date (lifecycle) and lifestyle (risk aware) categories to “better serve retirement plan market needs”.  


According to the announcement, MassMutual has expanded its risk-based Journey series investment options, which were formerly only available as separate investment accounts (“SIAs”) through a group annuity contract, with newly created RetireSMART mutual funds that it says employ the same investment strategy. The new RetireSMART lifestyle series is being offered for the first time as a mutual fund solution for registered plans in addition to the SIAs that MassMutual says have long been available for group annuity contract plans.  

Portfolios within both the target date and lifestyle series utilize a “fund-of-funds” approach that combines mutual funds offered by MassMutual into professionally managed strategies, which consider an investor’s expected retirement date (RetireSMART target date) or an investor’s comfort with risk (RetireSMART lifestyle).  

According to MassMutual, the new investment offerings, implemented in June, are designed to position MassMutual’s target date and lifestyle funds more competitively and make them available to more retirement investors in a wider range of plans. MassMutual’s portfolio management team for both fund groups remains unchanged.  

As part of the initiative, MassMutual has renamed its Select Destination (target date) and Journey (lifestyle) fund series to capture the brand focus of its overall MassMutual RetireSMART(SM) participant platform. 

“These enhancements give MassMutual an even more compelling and competitively priced offering in a category critical to retirement investors and to our continued strong momentum within the retirement services industry,” noted Eric Wietsma, senior vice president, Investment Services, MassMutual’s Retirement Services Division in announcing the changes. 

A table of the changes can be found on the next page. 

MassMutual notes that their target date options do not reach their most conservative allocation until after their target date, and explains that investors should consider their own personal risk tolerance, circumstances and financial situation. 




Previous Select Destination Retirement  

Fund Target Date Series 

New RetireSMART(SM)  

Target Date Series 


Select Destination Retirement Income Fund 

RetireSMART In Retirement Fund 


Select Destination Retirement 2010 Fund 

RetireSMART 2010 Fund 


Select Destination Retirement 2015 Fund 

RetireSMART 2015 Fund 


Select Destination Retirement 2020 Fund 

RetireSMART 2020 Fund 


Select Destination Retirement 2025 Fund 

RetireSMART 2025 Fund 


Select Destination Retirement 2030 Fund 

RetireSMART 2030 Fund 


Select Destination Retirement 2035 Fund 

RetireSMART 2035 Fund 


Select Destination Retirement 2040 Fund 

RetireSMART 2040 Fund 


Select Destination Retirement 2045 Fund 

RetireSMART 2045 Fund 


Select Destination Retirement 2050 Fund 

RetireSMART 2050 Fund 


Previous Journey Lifestyle Series 

New RetireSMART Lifestyle Series 


Conservative Journey Fund 

RetireSMART Conservative Fund 


Moderate Journey Fund 

RetireSMART Moderate Fund 


Aggressive Journey Fund 

RetireSMART Moderate Growth Fund 


Ultra Aggressive Journey Fund 

RetireSMART Growth Fund